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Renters (Reform) Bill 2023

The Renters (Reform) Bill was introduced into Parliament for its 2nd reading on 17th May 2023 by Michael Gove as Minister for the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities. This is the stage at which the bill is debated before progressing to the Committee stage and so on until it becomes law. According to… Read more »

The Countryside Code

Natural England has issued a new edition of the Countryside Code which covers the rules which visitors must follow when enjoying parks, waterways, coasts and the countryside. The Countryside Code (2022)

December Farm Blog

Kevin Prince’s latest newspaper blog looks at the consequences for farmers as a result of the decisions taken at the recent COP26 Summit December farm blog Andover Advertiser 03.12.21

Changes for 1986 Act Tenancies

Julian Sayers in his capacity as Chairman of the Tenancy Reform Industry Group is pleased to report that in the final days of the last Parliament a number of changes to the Agricultural Holdings Act 1986 were enacted having been promoted by the Group via Defra for some considerable time. In summary the changes are… Read more »

Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (England & Wales)

When a tenant owes a landlord rent the landlord has the right to seize tenant’s goods to recover the debt which falls under the common law of distress.  However, from 6th April 2014 the old common law will be abolished and a new regime of Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR) will be introduced in England… Read more »

Abolition of the Agricultural Wages Order

There are key issues employers need to be aware of when the Agricultural Wages Order ceased to exist on 1st October but for all queries please seek independent legal advice.  In summary these are as follows: You cannot just start paying the National Minimum Wage (NMW) from 1st October to existing workers – employees will… Read more »

Deadline to Register Agricultural Waste Exemptions!

Farmers and landowners have until the end of September to ensure they are handling waste correctly as new rules come into force. Most farmers registered their current Agricultural Waste Exemptions before 2010, when the latest regulations came into force. They expire at the end of this month and old exemptions have been replaced by a… Read more »