61st Hay & Straw Sale – January 2022 – Report

The 61st Adkin/Thimbleby & Shorland Annual Sale of Hay & Straw was held live and online this year, enabling buyers to bid remotely if desired, a trend that has fast become the norm due to the Covid pandemic.  Yet again, the trade was in marked contrast to last year, this time with significantly less demand across the board.  The huge crops of hay and haylage made last summer/autumn coupled with an extremely mild autumn and winter thus far, are responsible for this.  Consumption is well below usual levels and whilst this has had an effect on price, the most obvious implication is that clearance is very low.  Clearance of wheat straw was only just over 50%, and for Meadow hay just under 50%.  There was very little haylage sold.

Auctioneer Chris Boreham said: “What a difference a year makes!  The hay and straw trade has more often than not been a case of feast or famine, but I can’t remember two more contrasting years.  It was to be expected under the circumstances.  There just isn’t the demand.  It will take a significant change in the weather to affect things.  The elephant in the room of course is what effect the unprecedented increase in the price of fertiliser is going to have on this year’s crops.  Next year’s trade may be just as exceptional but for quite different reasons!”

Thanks go to all parties for continuing to support the sale.  The year ahead looks even more unpredictable than ever, but we look forward to the 2023 sale with interest. The principal prices achieved were:



Big Bales
Claas 2100 bales Meadow Hay to £19 per bale (approximately £75/tonne) (Marcham Farms Ltd).  45% clearance.


Big Bales
NH 1290 bales Seeds Hay £28.75 per bale (approximately £70/tonne) (Mr G Crockford).  22% clearance


Barley Straw

Big Bales
Claas 3200 bales £24 per bale (approximately £72/tonne) (Gale Estates).  36% clearance

Wheat Straw

Big Bales
Top price NH BB9050 bales £18 per bale (approximately £90/tonne) (Mr A Hardy).  Average approximately £61/tonne.  54% clearance

You can read the full report here: 61st Hay & Straw Sale Report