The BPS Deadline has now passed


 The deadline for 2019 BPS applications, 15th May, has now passed. However, should you need to amend your application there are still options.

 You can make some amendments up to 31st May 2019 without a penalty if the original 2019 application was submitted prior to the 15th May deadline. These changes include:

  • Adding a land parcel
  • Increasing the eligible area of a land parcel
  • Increasing the area being used to activate entitlements for claim
  • Changing the land use of a parcel

 The above changes can be also made from 1st June until midnight on 10th June however, changes during this time frame will attract a penalty.

Should you become aware of a error on your claim outside of these timescales can inform the RPA at any time using the ‘notified error’ provisions. These cannot result in an increase in value of the 2019 BPS claim and therefore include changes to the land use and deducting the eligible area of a land parcel but not adding parcels or increasing the eligible area.

The ‘obvious error’ provision allows the RPA to correct a clear omission or mistake on a 2019 BPS application without a penalty being attracted if the error is ‘obvious from a simple check of the application’.

For further details on the above please see the BPS 2019 scheme rules