Report on 2019 Auction Sale of Hay & Straw

The 58th Adkin Annual Sale of Hay & Straw is the second to be held in conjunction with Thimbleby & Shorland, for the express purpose of maintaining this important service to the farming community. The sale was held at Ardington, Oxfordshire on Tuesday 15th January 2019 and met with a lively trade for hay, but a rather steadier one for straw.  The shortage of fodder due to the dry summer is still evident and means that hay is in strong demand. Straw in big bales met a fair trade which reflected the present market, with a near 100% clearance. There was no significant trade for straw in conventional bales however, which would seem to be due to both the extra cost of handling and that demand can be met from supplies of big bales. All lots were of excellent quality, the summer being one of the best years for making hay and baling straw for a long time.

Sale report