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Farming & Property Bulletin – November 2014

Changes to Weight and Speed Limits – Tractors and Trailers The Department for Transport has announced that it intends to change the weight and speed limits for agricultural tractors and trailers on the roads of Great Britain from Spring 2015. While the maximum laden weight for a trailer will remain unchanged, the maximum combined weight… Read more »

Farming & Property Bulletin – May 2014

CAP Reform Announcements Delayed  Unfortunately, the expected announcement by the government on further CAP Reform decisions, in particular greening, has been delayed. The delay in DEFRA announcing the details of how greening will work is becoming very frustrating for all. Many bodies such as the NFU and CAAV tell them that cropping decisions are being… Read more »

Farming & Property Bulletin – April 2014

SPS 2014 Financial Discipline Single Payments for 2014 may fall by more than previously forecast. Proposals from the EU Commission suggest the ‘Financial Discipline’ could be placed on this years payments with an estimated reduction of 1.3%. This is on top of a reduction in the UK’s Pillar 1 budget of around 3% for the… Read more »