54th Annual Sale of Hay, Straw and Haylage Report



The Adkin Annual Sale of Hay & Straw held at Ardington, Oxfordshire on Tuesday 13th January 2015 saw a good company of buyers from across the country.  Having received poor clearance rates from other fodder auctions the trade could best be described as a curate’s egg.  The combination of our regular buyers, and one or two new ones, together with realism from venders as to the likely trade resulted in a good proportion of the fodder on offer being moved.

The excess of hay and straw across the country from a productive 2014 together with a mild winter to date has led to a slack demand.  As a result the prices achieved were very moderate in particular for hay.   Good quality hay in both large and small bales achieved modest prices.  Both wheat and barley straw were in good demand if in the larger heavier bales.

The highlight of the sale was the demand for conventional bales of barley straw with strong competition and a 100% clearance.

The principle prices were:


Big Bales (61% Clearance)

Meadow Hay

Claas 2100 bales Organic Meadow Hay to £13.00 per bale (Marcham Farms Ltd)

NH9060 bales Meadow Hay to £16.20 per bale (GD Lay & Partners)

Seeds Hay

Claas 3200 bales to £12.30 per bale (R M Benson & Son)

Conventional Bales (60% Clearance)

Meadow Hay to £3.00 per bale (Mrs C Ackrill) 


Big Bales (60% Clearance)

Barley Straw

Quadrant bales to £15.00 per bale (Woodhouse Farm Partnership)

Claas Quadrant bales to £13.55 per bale (Gale Partnership)

Claas 3200 bales to £13.75 per bale (Delafield Brothers)

Wheat Straw

Krone Big Pack 1290 bales to £18.00 per bale (Gale Partnership) 

Conventional Bales (100% Clearance)

Barley Straw

Conventional bales of Winter and Spring Barley Straw to £1.60 per bale (Bitmead Cholsey Partners)

We will be pleased to receive enquiries for any unsold lots.  Please contact Philip Pocock or Jenna Wald on 01235 862888.